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Fonts and Vector Graphics:


The Best Brands of the World (formerly LogoType Free)
85,000+ Vector Images of Brand Logos
This is where I found the Konami, Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Acclaim, and Midway logos.  Search the site to find them.  I created the Atari and Namco logos using their appropriate fonts (font link below).  You need a program like Photoshop to generate images from these files.  Because they are vector images, they are scaleable to any resolution.

Note:  The Sega logo I found here did not have the white boarder around it.  This must be added in manually.


The Claw's Game Zone
Atari (Atarian), DooM, and Namco TrueType Fonts
Simply download a font, unzip it into a temporary directory, and then place it in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder.


Images and Templates:


CHRO-MAME Marquee (1,625kb)
8,438 x 1,875 pixels | 28-1/8 x 6-1/4 inches | 300 dpi | Adobe PDF File

The marquee file contains company logo's (I am not affiliated with any of them) and fonts which were derived from other sources listed above in "Fonts & Vector Graphics."  The CHRO-MAME logo was done using the Doom font set.  All layers are intact.

Note:  I had my custom sized marquee printed out by for about $25.00 delivered.  They did a fantastic job with the marquee which was printed at 300dpi (I see no reason why you would need it printed at a higher resolution since I can't see any pixels on the final print).  It's sandwiched between two pieces of Lexan (like Plexiglas), and lit from behind with a single 24 inch florescent bulb.


Coin Door Template (123kb)
Separate Left Side & Right Side Images | Adobe PDF File

This was the template I used to trace the coin door onto my arcade cabinet.  It prints out on two pieces of paper which you have to cut, align, and then tape/staple together.  A bit of a pain, but it's longer than a standard sheet of paper.


Joystick Drill Template (10kb)
Microsoft Word Document

Unfortunately, I lost the URL for the source of the original template.  Someone else made it and I simply modified it for my own use.  If you don't alter the size, one template will print perfectly to scale on a single sheet of paper.

I simply laid these out on my control panel and struck nails in the center of all the holes to help guide my drill.


Joystick Overlay (2,688kb)
5,222 x 3,702 pixels | ≈ 8.7 x 6.17 inches | 600 dpi | Adobe PDF File

I created this entire image from scratch with some help from my modified MS Word joystick template (one of the hidden layers in the image, "template," is derived from this).  You can download the joystick drill template on this page as well.  This images uses the DooM TrueType font set (see "Fonts & Vector Graphics") for the "START" text.  All layers and selections are intact.  You can create the entire thing again from the saved selections if you want to.

Note:  If you wish to change the color from red to something else, simply load the appropriate saved selections (Menu:   Select >>> Load Selection... >>> "Pick a channel") and fill it in with whatever color you please.


Trackballz (522kb)
2,500 x 3,500 pixels | 4.167 x 5.833 inches | 600 dpi | Adobe PDF File

These overlays rest to the left of my trackballs.  The right edge hides underneath part of the black colored metal trackball assembly plate.



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